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Tuning forks for sound healing frequencies: A brief note

Tuning Fork is a gentle instrument that helps to heal mental & emotional disorders & mindfully restores internal balance. Practitioners use metal or crystal tuning forks for sound healing frequencies that gently work with our nervous system, tissues & our body’s subtle energies. In short, this is a very soothing and relaxing sound healing therapy that gives long-term benefits. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of tuning fork therapy for our mental health.

What tuning fork heals?    

Generally, tuning fork therapy is used in two ways. You can use a tuning fork by yourself & heal your body and ease anxiety & stress at home. On the other hand, tuning fork therapy can also be offered by professionals who provide several treatments to battle the following health conditions:

  • Exhaustion
  • Hypersensitive nervous system
  • Anxiety disorders & stress
  • Negative thoughts
  • Headaches
  • Low-quality sleep or Insomnia
  • Cramps
  • Pain caused by trauma
  • Digestive problems
  • Joint problems

Being a highly effective treatment form, this sound healing therapy is a good support to integrate several healing modalities like massage therapy,

physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and chiropractic. This is a non-surgical & painless form of treatment that will boost your mental health.

What to do before starting a session? 

  • Before you begin a tuning fork therapy session, you need to pay attention & focus on some important things. Following things you must consider:
  • Choose a very reputable clinic that offers the treatment therapy & assures more than you expect
  • Think of particular areas of tension (emotional state, mental state, spiritual state & physical state) & consult with your therapist
  • Be conscious of each goal & objective & intention for every tuning fork session
  • If you’re fully prepared for all the above-mentioned things, you will definitely enjoy the session & get long-term results.

How does it work? 

Using different kinds of forks affects the circadian clock & biological rhythms. It may allow you to balance & synchronize with natural cycles that enable you to discover your homeostasis & mental balance.

The forks are highly rich in vibrations & resonance that support & connect the natural frequencies of your body. The sound waves of tuning forks gently vibrate & deeply travel into your body through the energy pathways. Tuning forks access your sense of balance & heal your memory.

The gentle vibration generated from the forks stimulates & balances the physical energy of your body, promotes inner harmony & heals several mental conditions. This therapy also helps to keep you healthy spiritually, emotionally, mentally & psychologically.

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Quick benefits of tuning fork therapy

  • Improves human brain function & mental clarity
  • Enhances circadian rhythm and keeps our body in balance
  • Heals physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological disorders
  • Increase the level of mental concentration and physical energy
  • Relieves unwanted stress and risk of anxiety
  • Increases bone density
  • Heals the strained muscles & tendons
  • Provides a deep and instantaneous relaxation state
  • Enhances & refines audible abilities
  • Improves meditation, acupressure & massage
  • Keep the nervous system in balance
  • Integrates right & left brain thought structures

Final words

Tuning forks for sound healing frequencies are a very effective and wonderful method of applying vibrations to your body, including reflex points, acupoints, muscles, bone, and tendons. Want to become a professional sound healing therapist & help others with a number of sound healing techniques? Join the 1:1 community classes and workshops at Hawaii Healing Sound School.

This institute offers hands-on training courses that are specially designed to enhance well-being, listening skills, mood & uplift energy. Apart from that, you can also find other sound healing courses for personal self-care, skill development, child’s mental growth, shamanic rhythm foundations, etc.