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Svemir Ayan Vranko

Svemir Ayan Vranko

Sound healer & Bodywork therapist

My sound healing, spiritual, and musical journey started in high school when I was 15. It was back in Yugoslavia in 80-ties, when I participated in the theosophical camp in Slovenian mountains, a Yugoslav Himalaya, where we were singing songs of all religions, danced Sufi dances of universal peace and practiced early morning yoga and Buddhist vipassana meditation. Soon after I started to play guitar and sing chants and devotional songs in but also enjoyed playing percussion. Most of my youth time, during my study in Zagreb, Croatia I spent in the spiritual community and there was lots of singing and Sufi dancing. The crown of that time was a full-time record “The flame of the heart” of our band Chona – The People.

In 1991, during the war in Croatia, I joined Anti War Campaign (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee) and was holding space and organizing events The Doors of Peace in the city of Zagreb where we posted peace messages of world leaders and also of ordinary people to oppose messages of war. Later, during the same wartime, I was part of Concerts for Peace and Environment Team as Technical director which was hosting David Byrne of Talking Heads and other musicians like multiple Grammy Winner Paul Winter Consort within Earth Day Celebrations and beyond.

At the same time, I started learning the art of bodywork first from Jeff Romanowski of Connecticut and then from Vajra Matusow in the School for Massage and Healing Arts in San Anselmo, California. Also, I became a graduate student of the Yumeiho method of Masayuki Saionji which came to Zagreb, Croatia from Tokyo, Japan.

In the year 2000, as I lived and studied massage art in San Francisco Bay Area, I was invited to visit Hawaiian island of Kaua’i where sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman held a Healing Sounds course which changed my view on sound healing through experience of Divine Sound. Jonathan gave us amazing tools to work with and to develop our own styles. Upon my return to Croatia, I started to hold sound healing classes igniting a fire for many future sound healers in Croatia. During that time I wrote “Sound Healing – good vibes for body and soul” booklet with Om didge music for Sound Healing. On the same course on Kaua’i, I met Katie and we had several journeys together to the holy place in Medjugorje, Bosnia& Herzegovina and we went to a one-month peace pilgrimage to Kailas, Tibet.

Another profound sound healing initiation was overtone singing experience in the Cheops pyramid on the Giza plateau. This session took place in Egypt as Katie invited me to participate in Music Medicine events for peace organized by mystic and singer Dan Furst where we held sound healing workshops and concert with Grammy Winner Fathy Salama than the best Egyptian oud player Naseer Shamma and kanoon legend Hossam Shaker joined with western forces, modern and classical dancer Willow Chang and guitar alchemist Scott Huckabay and my small self. Katie could not come but she sent her painting on silk to represent her.

My sound healing instruments are voice – as overtone singing, Australian didgeridoo, singing bowls, Indian bansuri flute, guitar, and percussion.

I played with several bands: Rhythm Tribe, Tribal Jam Orchestra, and Senzar.

Vision Dance and Chakra Dance Yoga are my creative contribution to dancing expression and many dancing workshops took place in the last 20 years.

YOMAD – Yoga, Music, and Dance Festival in Rovinj, Croatia lasted for 5 years and transformed into retreat form which I held together with Izabela, my fiancée, and devoted yoga teacher. We held several yoga retreats in Croatian mountain Dinara, the city of Rovinj, retreat place in Fuzine, Croatia, and on luxury gullet ship for international cruise members with Croatian singer Tajchi. Also, we held “Samadhi Sadhana” a 7 days yoga retreat in Arambol, Goa in India.

At Verbasana Yoga Studio, currently, I hold sound healing sessions, Yoga for spine classes, Pranayama and Meditation classes, Chakra Dance Yoga, and bodywork treatments.

Currently, I am attending TT 600 yoga teacher training with Acharya Jadranko Miklec and actively practicing daily sitting meditation.

About Sound Healing by Svemir

Sound Healing is the knowledge and science of how sound vibrations affect our body and our spirit. By using musical instruments and voice together with relaxation methods, we have a profound effect on the body and consciousness. Along with the benefits offered by sound frequencies come activation and subtle ethereal energy called “chi” in ancient China, known in Japan as “ki,” and in practice, yoga is called “prana.” Sound also activates the etheric field which is also our body of health. In this way, we also strengthen our energy structure, replenish our energy meridians, and release blockages. In this sense, the sound therapy used in this way is another way of knowing the path to health, vitality, and self-discovery.

And as famous American inventor with Croatian roots Nikola Tesla nicely put it: “If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

I can teach overtone singing, didgeridoo playing, and inner sound healing method in English, German, and Croatian.

Link to my sound healing music: Om didge

Recording from the Great Pyramid:

Senzar record Clear (progressive rock and other):

Sound Healing booklet by Svemir AyanVranko: