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Gong Master

Sanj Hall

Nada Yogacharya

Sanjay or San or Sanj as he is often called by his friends and fellows, this journey started as an endeavour towards self-development “working with the body”, “cognitive methods” and “people management” as he took a corporate role after completing his Graduation in Computer Science and an MBA.

In his initial corporate career, scientific research, evidence-based leanings and fact-based leadership took forefront but with time it evolved to “feeling” and “intuitive, spiritual and healing schools” covering various aspects of mind body and spirit. This cycle kept on rediscovering, reinventing and refining San jay in the roles of management teacher, a corporate leader and alternative healing practitioner.

In the past over 25 years Sanjay has been practicing T-group training, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Silva Method, Reiki, Art of Living, Spiritual response therapy, yoga, martial arts, kriya yoga, Nada yoga, gongs and eternal sounds et al.

He prefers to call himself, a travelling Gong yogi, who has taken a divine order or “Hukum” to spread the goodness of the eternal sounds to the world. Sanjay practices sound and gong bath relaxation, meditation and healing work bringing western and eastern philosophy as learned through many masters, such as Yongey Mingyur Rincpoche, Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, singing bowl expert Aiden McIntyre and many others. He has been conducting gong baths in the UK, Europe, Middle East as well as ashrams in India.

San has had the opportunity, as a solo artist and as part of the ensemble, to do many musical and meditative concerts. A few of these include LINT festival at Maribor, 2012 (Culture Capital of Europe), Mind and Body spirit festival, London 2011 and 2012, Festival of Life, London, 2012, Body and Soul festival in Edinburgh 2012. He has also played for thousands of audience in religious/spiritual gatherings for Sharvana Baba and Parmarth Niketan’s Ganga Aarti at the Middle East and India.