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Lucie Lynch

Lucie Lynch

Vocal Sound Healing

Lucie Lynch is an international Singer/Songwriter, Soul Sound Alchemist, and Voice Doula, originally from Hamburg Germany. Her heartfelt desire is to create a safe space for people to connect with their own authentic voice and express it in a profoundly vulnerable way. Our voice resonates with the frequency of our hearts and can be used as a gateway to release old stories and change our lives from the inside out. If we unleash our voices we free our soul and live a more liberated life.

Lucie holds a degree in Theatre and spent several years studying Gestalt-Therapy and Therapeutic Drama, because of her love for personal development and individual and global transformation.

Before moving to Honolulu in 2011 she traveled the globe for 5 years with her backpack and her guitar to find the song of her own soul. She had the privilege to sing with and learn from amazing people on her way. This journey deepened her belief that our voice carries profound wisdom and provides healing medicine for our physical and emotional bodies.

More recently in 2015, Lucie discovered a calling to deepen her practice and studies to the healing element of music, sound, and frequencies. With gongs, voice, guitar, ocean drum, and crystal singing bowls she creates a peaceful oasis for deep relaxation and ease.

Her dream is to live in a world of awakened voices, singing and sounding in harmony with our beautiful planet.

I believe that everyone has a song. A song that lives inside our hearts. It wants to be sung. It wants to be heard. It wants to be released and set free. We are here to live our fullest potential, we are here to uncover the many layers of our magnificent being. Each one of us is truly immeasurable and wonderful.

– Lucie Lynch