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Katherine Fisher - Co-founder

Katherine Fisher


Katherine Fisher the co-founder of, Aloha Yoga, the Hawaii Healing Garden Festival and the Hawaii Healing Sound School. She is a trainer and volunteer for Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) in Hawaii, Mongolia and Nepal and has integrated tuning forks and singing bowls into community work for grieving and trauma, as well as celebration, ceremony. and meditation.

Katherine Fisher L.Ac integrates a love of resonance, frequency as medicine and research into sound healing tools and multi-cultural healing practices as part of her private clinic ‘7 Treasures of Health & Acupuncture’ on Oahu. She has trained with many of the world’s top teachers and has shared crystal bowls and tuning forks in performances, workshops and retreats in Hawaii, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Spain and the USA

She has recorded a CD of healing music with the Hawaii Healing Sound School based on resonance and frequency instruments including dijeridoo, viola, rattles, tuning forks, vocals, native American and Indian flutes and jamming sound healing circles with her community.

She teaches tuning forks and resonance medicine for personal self-care and for professional practice and integration.

Katie has a deep connection to the ocean