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Hawaii Healing Sound School

Sound Meditation – A Deep Revitalization Practice

Sound Meditation and Nada Yoga are both ancient and modern tools for developing and experiencing the benefits of a meditation practice through the use of sound and music.

From attuning to nature’s sounds, to creating instruments that harmonize the spirit – such as gongs, bells, and chimes, sound has been used in many cultures to relax the mind, attune the spirit and promote a sense of well being.

Mystic traditions, spiritual pracitces and religious celebrations  have celebrated the power of music to induce trance and meditative states, and expand one’s consciousness.  Drumming circles, Sufi mysticism, Kirtan chanting, gospel singing— Solfeggio scales, harpsicords or singing choirs at a cathedral.

Nada Yoga, is an ancient Indian system of philosophy, medicine and yoga that focuses on sound vibrations. and guides the conscious to a stage of awareness and relaxation.

 Tibetan metal singing bowls,  gongs and crystal singing bowls, percussion such as shamanic rhythmic drimming, hang drums, ocean drums, koshi chimes, tingshe chimes, harps, Native American Flutes and rattles can all be used to help the mind and body relax and harmonize.

During a sound healing session, each person is invited to sit or lie down in a comfortable position,  close their eyes and focus on their breath as wave after wave of vibrations and sound wash, cleanse, clear, center and release during the sound meditation. Sound healing circle participants report   a state of peacefulness and mental clairty and refreshed energy- as if  they were soundly sleep for hours;

Sound meditation is a powerful entry point into transformative power of meditation. The sound tones engage the mind and body in such a dynamic way it is both enthralling and relaxing. Beginners and long time meditators return again and again to experience a state of deep peace and calm in only a short time. By changing brain wave patterns, Sound baths are used by practitioners to help ease digestion, depression, anxiety and addictive behaviors.

 “Sound Healing” or “Sound Baths” facilitators have training to help understand the science and tools to create positive changes in their audiences or clients. allowing a non-verbal experience that can bring balance and harmony and positive energy . Sound, vibration and frequency entrainment offer a  powerful way to cultivate a sense of well being.

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