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Hawaii Healing Sound School

3 ways to bring your body vibrational balance using sound healing therapy

3 types of sound healing therapy you can try

1. a sound bath

Attending a sound bath is a great way to snag the benefits of the practice but with a group. “During a sound bath, which is somewhat like in an extended savasana in yoga class, you lie down and relax comfortably while you are bathed in healing vibrations of sound,” Schieffelin says.

To find one local to your city, Sarhangi recommends doing a Google search for sound baths, sound therapy, or sound healing.

2. a private session

If groups aren’t your thing and you prefer one-on-one attention, you can also book a private sound healing session with a trained practitioner who will play instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls or tuning forms and so you can “bathe” in the sounds.

3. A solo session

A notable (and perhaps even cool) reality of sound healing is that it’s accessible to everyone and free to practice on your own accord. You can do this by humming, chanting, and singing. “Try humming to yourself for just two minutes and notice how your mood begins to shift,” Schieffelin says. “You can also choose specific frequencies to hum to clear and balance particular energy centers in your body.”

Listening to pre-recorded sessions is another easy way to experience it. To really take your practice to the next level, though, Sarhangi suggests investing in instruments and playing them for yourself.


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