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“Medicine Resonance” Sound Healing CD

Do you appreciate Sound Healing Tones, Frequency Medicine, Vibrational Energy Healing?


Share a dose of Medicine Resonance  with your friends, clients, family. Composed and Recorded in Hawaii with aloha!

Order your copy of the Hawaii Healing Sound School CD Now!

GREAT NEWS! The Hawaii Healing Sound School CD is here! Featuring members of Hawaii Healing Sound School, this 6 track EP was recorded on a Neve analog board, mixed and mastered in high fidelity for full brain translation that creates a deep meditative and transformative journey =and includes a companion  booklet about sound healing.. “It is both an immersive and physiologically effective experience” says Audio Engineer/ Producer Daniel Gilad.

Your purchase 100% DIRECTLY supports Hawaii Healing Sound School CD Printing and Post Production costs.

THANK YOU for helping to complete an amazing experience for others to experience a dose of sound healing!  Literally sending positive vibrations out to the world, and putting your positive prayers and mojo towards the flow.  It is easy to share a dose of sound healing with your friends and community. Include name and address and we will even send a gift card from you!

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  • Your donation of $24.95 receives 1 CD
  • Your donation of $108 receives 5 CDs.
  • Your donation of $250 receives 10 CDs and an inclusion in the Hawaii Healing Sound School Circle of Friends printed on the CD booklet.
  • Your donation of $500 includes 20 CDs, Circle of Friends credit, VIP tickets to the CD Release Party AND a fabulous private sound healing circle on Oahu. We will shower you with healing sound frequencies, organic treats and hearts filled with aloha!!

You may also choose to easily send a direct donation via paypal enter the following email: (No transaction fees deducted!) Donate  $250 or more, and receive 10 CDs and join the circle of friends of Hawaii Healing Sound School Circle .

**Be sure and include your contact information and shipping in the notes!

BIG Mahalo! Hawaii Healing Sound School

BIG Mahalo! Hawaii Healing Sound School








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Medicine Resonance has been a profound project to share postivie healing energy through music


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