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Hawaii Healing Sound School

“Medicine Resonance” Sound Healing CD Medicine Resonance: Sound Healing CD

This 6 track EP has been recorded on a Neve analog board, mixed and mastered in high fidelity for full brain translation that immersive and physiologically effective experience by Audio Engineer/ Producer Daniel Gilad.

Hawaii Healing Sound School: Medicine Resonance is best experienced as an inward focused sound healing  journey that takes you from the  very beginning:   An interplay of the healing sounds of sacred tones and vocals, chants in ancient languages of Hebrew, Hawaiian, Sanscrit, the primordial sounds of gong calling from the void, from the fertile dark of the night dreaming into the dawn.

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Protected from the very first breath with a powerful prayer in Hebrew , blessing and protecting the beginning of the sound healing journey, the listener is guided through the conscious expanding dimension of space through the spoken Lakota prayers invokes the 7 directions, and continues to deepen into theta wave brain and deep meditation with the focus of the heart beat. The mental and devotional bodies  and heart merges with predawn sanscrit chant of an ancient daily practice, as if heard across a distance calling us both outward and inward at the same time. This is the turning of the mind in Yoga Nidra.

As light emerges, birdsongs, rattles, flutes, drums and viola find us  the  jungle canopy, awakening with joy, vigor, strength and excitement,  and we emerge from the sound healing journey with clarity and commitment to being present as we greet the sun with Hawaiian chanting arising up from the horizon.

Medicine Resonance

1. The Beginning – 7 Min2. Heart Beat – 5:15 Min3. Transformation – 4  Min4. Forest Dance – 8 Min5. Time – 12 Min6. Inner Sun – 10 Min

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The 6 tracks of the Hawaii Healing Sound School CD includes sacred sounds including native american, indian and silver flute, gongs, tuning forks, percussion, crystal and tibetan bowls as well as original languages, powerful chants and prayers in Hebrew, Sanscrit, Hawaiian, English.

The CD opening track (see English and Hebrew in liner notes) safely yet powerfully launches the listener on a sound healing journey from the void of silence setting clear intention for a safe journey with the incantation of the ancient traditional Travelor’s Prayer once the listener is anchored in a field of protection, the coordinates expand, blossoming into sacred space of the manifested dimensions via the Lakota blessing of the 7 directions, and the Music Medicine journey begins!!

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Layering frequencies and tones of many instruments representing the elements of earth, water, fire, wood, metal(sky). unique wind, percussion, stringed, instruments open portals to a journey of transformation – listening to the private predawn praises as if listening across the distance, through the heart, into deep internal meditation, to a predawn cacaphony of joyful jungle sounds of the spirits of the forest celebrate life, and finally peaking with the Hawaiian chant to the rising sun out of the ocean “Eala E, Awaken!”

The Medicine  Resonance CD is frequency medicine for our time.  Based on the techniques of sound and energy healing as it has been taught and shared via the Hawaii Healing Sound School projects and training that teach toward somatically experiencing and understanding advanced practices of the art of using sound healing technologies, traditions, tools, creating, crafting and using instruments, integrating rhythm, natural sounds, and conscious intention. The Medicine Resonance CD is like nothing ever created before, and 100% created in Hawaii. The Hawaii Healing Sound School CD can be used repeatedly,  listening  for deepening experience. Release date in Summer 2017. Look for us at the Made in Hawaii 2018 Hoku Music Awards.

We are preparing to send the mastered CD and the accompanying booklet on sound healing to press. Your CDs will be delivered and and VIP invitation to the CD release party. But NOW is the time to help with the logistics of printing and production to bring this offering out to others.

It is time to gather together to make the production possible, rather then crowd-source in a way that takes a $%, let’s just do this fast and efficient and get the CD ready to press in  high fidelity for optimal listening experience.

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Big Mahalos to the following Hawaii Healing Sound School participating in the CD Recording.

Brad (Broken Eagle Talon), K Alan Roth, Katherine Fisher, Wayne Bow, Soraya Faris Applegate, Alex Ciancio, Laureen McCoy, Spanna Mo, Joan Wehrman, Evno Omni, Kristel Fury, Leigh Ann Philips, Adria Estribou, Keema Cooper, Dorothy (Dodi) Gronau, Rea Fox, Naike Swain, Lehua Simon, Yechezkel Feldman, E’ala & Hoku E. Stevens-Britos, , Sangeet Gellhorn, Michelle Banasch , Ashley, Marian Yee, John Casey

Instruments and healing frequencies on Medicine Resonance: Banusuri (traditional indian babmoo flute), Shakahachi Bamboo flute, Silver flute, Dunbek drum, Rattles, Vocals, Bass, Rainstick, Chimes, Tuning forks, Crystal singing bowls, Symphonic Gong, Didgeridoo, Bells, Native american flute, Viola, Guitar, Pule, Chants, Mantras, Sacred syllables, Aho Choir, Tibetan singing bowls, Shruti, Tambura, Nada Yoga, Sacred Silence, Nadabrnamha, Keiki Love, Aloha and Reiki, Ocean Drum, Gaia Frequencies, Ancestor Guardians, Galactic Guidance, Hokulea/Star of Gladness/Arcturian Healing Light.

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HHSS Presenters: Wayne Bow, Soraya Faris Applegate, Kevin Kraft, Barbara Cole, Crystal Lober, Leigh Ann Philips, Rama, Rev. Dr. Keema Cooper, Dodi Gronau, Katherine Fisher, Malia Helela, Laurence Cole, Cynthia Chu, Alex Ciancio, Joel and Cheshire Miller, Ta Ka Tina crew, Dr. Eugenius Ang, AdriaHHSS Circle of Friends: Mike Sienkiewitcz, Keith Applegate, Bob Wehrman, Eric, Steve McLaughlin, Laureen McCoy,Special Thanks to Paul and Lupito of Crystal TonesAudio Engineer, Sound Recording, Mix Down, Music Medicine Wizard, Creative Director: Daniel GiladArt & Animal Communication: Shelby CarlosHawaii Healing Sound School Co-founders: Katherine Fisher, Evno Omni, Wayne Bow, Soraya Faris ApplegateExecutive Producer, Mid-Wife: Katherine FisherCover Art: Trine Bietz

Photographers: Marian Yee, Cynthia, Katie

Hawaii Healing Sound School Medicine Resonance. Music Medicine for our time. An offering by Hawaii Healing Sound School,  Daniel Gilad, Audio Engineer/Producer,  Katherine Fisher L.Ac HHSS Cofounder Executive Producer

Our process has one of Emergence, our gift to you is Resonance

WHAT IS “EMERGENCE”:Economist Jeffrey Goldstein provided a current definition of emergence as: “the arising of novel and coherent structures, patterns and properties during the process of self-organization in complex systems”.

“The common characteristics are: (1) radical novelty (features not previously observed in systems); (2) coherence or correlation (meaning integrated wholes that maintain themselves over some period of time); (3) A global or macro “level” (i.e. there is some property of “wholeness”); (4) it is the product of a dynamical process (it evolves); and (5) it is “ostensive” (it can be perceived).” For good measure, Goldstein throws in supervenience ie: coming or occurring as something additional, extraneous, or unexpected



(rez’ō-nănts),1. In chemistry, the manner in which electrons or electric charges are distributed among the atoms in compounds that are planar and symmetric, particularly those with conjugated (alternating) double bonds; the existence of resonance in the latter case reduces the energy content and increases the stability of compounds; such molecular entities have more than one contributing structure, each differing only in the distribution of electrons. 2. Sympathetic or forced vibration of air in the cavities above, below, in front of, or behind a source of sound; in speech, modification of the quality (for example, harmonics) of a tone by the passage of air through the chambers of the nose, pharynx, and head, without increasing the intensity of the sound. 3. The sound obtained on percussion of a part that can vibrate freely. 4. The intensification and hollow character of the voice sound obtained on auscultation over a cavity. 5. The natural or inherent frequency of any oscillating system. 6. Synonym(s): resonant frequency [L. resonantia, echo, fr. re-sono, to resound, to echo] Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012


/res·o·nance/ (rez´o-nins)1. the prolongation and intensification of sound produced by transmission of its vibrations to a cavity, especially such a sound elicited by percussion. 2. a vocal sound heard on auscultation. 3. the existence of organic chemical structures that can not be accurately represented by a single structural formula, the actual formula lying intermediate between several possible representations differing only in electron position.

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