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Reasons to choose tuning forks healing

How Tuning Forks Healing Frequencies Can Help You? Explained!

It goes without saying that tuning forks healing frequencies are deeply effective form of treatment itself, tuning forks healing can also be a powerful support that helps you to integrate other healing therapies, like physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic as well as psychotherapy, etc. But the ability of sound healing to interact with the more subtle structures of our beings can greatly help the shifting of stuck energies at many levels.

Tuning Forks Healing Helps Release Tension, Move Stagnant Energy & Promote Emotional Balance

Needless to mention, human body is made up of water, and that is about 75 percent more or less, and water conducted sound. Therefore, our body is a natural resonator for sound of various types, and sound resonators are four time faster in water. These types of vibratory sounds travel through the human body and help removing the blocks, especially, the energetic blockages. The very amazing thing is – it helps relieving stasis and pain, and at the same time increasing the flow of Qi.

Normally the tuning forks are stuck, and then they are applied or used to particular acupressure point or the areas of concern. Likewise, acupuncture, sans the needless and helps to release tension move stagnant energy. It promotes emotional balance. It also attunes the nervous system by way of point stimulation that could be very, very grounding and a great adjunct to other healing.

As you know very well that that world is sonic, so our bodies are fluid, sonic, emotional and beyond doubt full of vibration. Therefore, listening and feeling the vibration as well as sound of various types of tuning forks, one can bring it into his or her body and healing can happen, thus, change can happen. Tuning forks healing frequencies are acoustic resonator in the form of a 2 pronged fork that are made of calibrated metal.

One thing you should know that the tuning forks of C and G for instance, are known as the Perfect Fifth, or the sound of “Universal Harmony”. And the interesting thing is – the force between Yin and Yang, the space between 2 different notes, that is C and G are usually known to connect the Root Chakra with the Throat Chakra energy centers that helps harmonize or balance our body as a whole.

Reasons to choose tuning forks healing

Wrapping Up

Last, but certainly not the least, if you want to apply sound to your body, then apply tuning forks healing frequencies. It works in a awesome way and your body, including acupressure points, trigger, muscle, tendons, muscle bones and reflex pints, to name a few help tone Qi or disperse Qi. Thus, it helps relieve pain a variety of pains, and at the same time attune your body on a cellular level.

The best thing is – Sound healing training or tuning forks healing frequencies can be learnt by anybody. It is a great course for sure! You will be amazed to know that the course is offered by Hawaii Healing Sound School. After completing this healing course, you will be able to understand how to balance and clear your mind, and at the same time leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm as well as happiness.