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Hawaii Healing Sound School

Event Details

DNA Frequencies
10am-4pm $350
Class review: $150
Requires Purchase of DNA tuning fork set of 6 + pineal glad.
Pre-Req: Level 1 and 2
  • DNA, RNA and Pineal gland frequencies are the best methods of working with these tools.
  • This is a profound class shifting the structure of energetic anatomy.
  • includes introduction or review of mechanics/physiology of DNA codes and RNA replication through video tutorials
  • Useful for therapeutic clinical uses
  • Hands-off techniques suitable for professionals without licensed credentials for bodywork
  • Can be used for Remote Healing or Self Care
  • Helpful for chronic illness, or genetic  or congenital diseases
  • Aligns with Archangel Energy as Genetic encodement
  • This class requires the purchase of personal tuning fork tools
Pre-requisites: Tuning fork experience: LEVEL 1 & 2 classes and instructor app