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Hawaii Healing Sound School

Event Details

Introduction to Sound Healing Concepts 10:30 am-4pm $250
New to sound healing?
This is a good place to build a foundation in sound healing skills and tools. This class is a pre-requisite  foundational class for future tuning fork classes.
Repeating? Class Review $100 (COUPON CODE: TFC1REVIEW)
Learn the physics of tuning forks, bony landmarks, and point locations for common ailments. Discover how to ground frequency into the skeletal system and use the frequencies for treating muscle/skeletal system pain and discomfort. The results are remarkable, repeatable and useful in clinical and therapeutic settings or for personal self-care. Refine your own coherent frequency!
Increase your confidence with techniques and hands-on experience working with tuning forks. In this introductory class, you will learn how to use tuning forks for muscle aches, joint stiffness and osteo self-care.
Tuning forks are already forged in specific frequencies and when used together make intervals that have beneficial effects on specific body parts and tissues that have measurable results such as ROM, flexibility, relaxation or pain reduction. Simple to use, you will experience how to use the set of three tuning forks directly on the body to help align your physical structure. The auto tuner combo resonates the bone stimulates the nerves, and releases tension from the body, vibrating your bones with deep earthtones. It brings a sense of deep relaxation and soothing peace.
We will learn techniques that will improve circulation by relaxing constricting muscle tissue and causing increased blood flow for overall wellness, tone and flexibility.
These portable tuning forks are aluminum cast tools made to last a lifetime. You can easily pack them in a bag for travel. These easy introductory techniques are great for administering loving care for yourself for life’s curveballs, and assisting children and older family members.This hands-on workshop includes the use of all tuning fork and sound healing instruments: Limited to 6 people.
The on-line class requires advance purchase of 3 tuning forks 32Hz, 64Hz and 128Hz.
You can find these tools in the on-line store.
Otto Forks –Otto Forks, Solfeggio, Ohm, 528HZ, Angel,  Purchase from the online store and save 20% with the discount code HHSS Student
$100 tuition credit may be applied to purchasing set of Solfeggio Energy ($50 credit) or Solfeggio Body Tuners ($50 credit.) Use HHG$50 code when purchasing.
No previous experience required. Otto tuner (set of 3) may be purchased at the class for $189 or on-line with shipping.