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Self Love and Self Care In Chaotic Times

Frequencies and body maps for Radical Self Care

How to find center in a chaotic times.


Acutonics Tuning Fork TOOLS:

This class uses a set of 6 tuning forks to activate the Octave Harmonics and Sacred 5th Intervals to re-calibrate the body to recalibrate while adding self care practices.

Forks for this course:

Ohm Mid, Ohm Low, Venus Mid, Mars Mid,

Ohm Octave Mid & Low

Venus Mid + Mars Mid

Venus Low + Mars Low


Using Tuning Forks for Self Care, we will use tuning fork frequencies learn and practice

Calling in Healing Team

Tuning up the Energetic Body




Protection -Harmonizing Shield

Connection – Meditation practices

Activating Affirmations

New Starts

Magical Maths & Music Theory and Practice for examining the nodes and sine waves created to feel and understand the power o the still point by exploring Standing Waves, Harmonics, 5th Ronance Frequencies and Nodes.

Node Find your happy place

Understand the difference from Earth Day and Earth Year Tones = Ohm Tone

Understand the Sacred Geometry of the Venus-Earth, Mars-Earth, Venus-Mars Galactic Sacred Geometry.

Understand why finding your Place in Space creates Peace

Working with Chaotic Nodes

Channeling Intuition and Guidance

Time Lines

Exploring Standing Wave forms as amplifiers of Intention and Inner Explorations


Chinese TCM Theory of Yin and Yang

Selected Points for activating Heart Chakra

Treating Shen Disturbances

TCM Theory of Ghost Points, Expelling Entities and Harmonizing Pathways

Filling in the Gaps. Self Care Frequency Protocals and Rituals