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Sound Practitioner Training

Event Details

Intro to Tuning Forks for Healing -Raise your Vibration and Amplify the Crystaline Body
2:30-5:30 $222
1/2 day hands-on training and practice workshop using turning forks of specific frequencies, and  different  types of crystals.
Tuning forks may be used both on and off the body. Perfect for self care, integrate into existing bodywork practice, or continue training with Hawaii Healing Sound School for sound healing practitioner certification.
This class focuses on integrating tuning forks and your favorite crystals. Amazing class!
Profound work for spinal, SI joints, scoliosis, knee and foot pain, increased ROM, emotional clearing, mental balance. Includes practices for tuning your natural intuition.
No tuning fork or sound healing experience required for this class. RSVP please. limited to 5 students.
$222 includes use of all forks. Save money and use the special rate of 2 for 1 for this class if you would like to bring a friend. RSVP via message or email by Nov 20 and receive address and parking instructions.
Top Grade Made in USA Forks will be for sale at the class $189 for set of 3 OTTO forks, or $180 for set of 2 Acutonics Ohm tuning forks with case. $120 for Brain Tuners set of 5. Top quality medical grade frequency instruments, sets and individual forks for sale between $45-95 each.
Bring your own crystals if you like. RSVP for location. Event held in open air location. Private beach side home near Diamond Head. Limited to 5