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Hawaii Healing Sound School

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Taking your gong experience to a deeper level – completion of Level One is a prerequisite for this course.

This intensive course consists of a full day or 2 half days of training with no more than five students per instructor to maximize the opportunity to play gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. Certification will be given upon successful completion of the whole course and written reflections submitted after the course. Level Two includes the following topics:

  • Playing with others
  • Puja
  • Playing to larger audiences
  • Use of stage equipment
  • Advanced gong playing techniques
  • Other instruments (Shruti box, singing bowls, rattles etc)
  • Incorporating gong with other healing modalities (Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki etc)
The Level 2 gong workshop is foundation of other advanced courses that can be undertaken, only after taking this course. Students will understand, learn and practice skill of conduction individual gong baths, pick up skills on doing public gong baths and combine other healing instruments. In addition, they will pick work from ancient wisdom as well as scientific studies conducted on this subject.
Many different types of gongs will be on display, demonstration and well as practice. Students will also be exposed to combining other healing methodologies and as well introduced to conducting basic ceremonies with gongs for different occasions/events.
Students will be given special log sheets as well as various forms that will be useful in their sound journeys. Past students who have done part of this workshop can now advance their work. For detailed course, please contact Sanj Hall or
Rate: Private $150/hr Group $75 Hour/Credit