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Intro to Tuning Forks for Healing – Amplify the Crystaline Body

Intro to Tuning Forks for Healing – Amplify the Crystaline Body HONOLULU NOV 6 2:30-5:30 $222 1/2 day hands-on training and practice workshop using turning forks of specific frequencies, and the 6 types of crystals. Tuning forks may be used both on and off the body. Perfect for self care, integrate into existing bodywork practice, […]

Katie Fisher

Tuning Fork Class Brain Balancing Frequencies

TUNING FORK CLASS LEVEL 3 BRAIN BALANCING FREQUENCIES 10am-4pm $333 Class review: $111 Pre-Req: Level 1 and 2 BRAIN Tuning Forks are precision frequency tools to assist in shifting between types of brain activity. Perfect for treating ADD, OCD, for enhancing cognitive function or memory, inducing deeper sleep or lucid dreaming, and creative thought. Every […]


Self Care with Tuning Forks: Grounding and Centering

Learn how to locate and use a set of useful Acupressure Points with Tuning Fork Vibrations. These self care protocols can quickly help ground and center. The effects can be noticed on the physical, emotional and mental bodies very quickly. in this 2 hour class, we will learn and practice a 10 minute self care routine that can be used on yourself or family members or children.

For this class, we you will need to have two weighted tuning forks. We suggest Ohm octave or Venus Mars or Otto tuning fork frequencies with the weights for working directly on the body for this class. Please contact us in advance with any questions about your tuning forks or for assistance with purchasing tools for this class.
This class will be taught on Zoom. You will be sent a zoom link before the class.