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Katie Fisher

Sansula Kalimba on-line class for Sound Healing Circles

Pure magic, the New Age Sansula is a delight to play.  Perhaps the most beautiful sounding kalimba, and with nine notes it is not so complex…the challenge here is to get sonic diversity through alternative tunings. This class covers Basics on How to Play the Sansula for Sound Healing

Allessandra Belloni


Objectives of the workshop are:
–To introduce the participants to the rich rhythm and dance tradition of Southern Italy known as the tarantella,
–To learn the history of this powerful tambourine style, originally done mainly by women, which dates back to the rites of the Mother Earth Goddess Cybele, now worshiped as the Black Madonna and to come to understand the healing and stress-relieving effect of these rhythms and dances.
–To bring women back in touch with their lost drumming tradition.
–To make the participants feel part of community-healing rituals