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De-stress and restore your Qi energy with tuning forks for sound healing

Acoustic healing therapy is one of the foremost natural methods to maintain the delicate balance in our body and is a well-known treatment process practised for aeons. This age-old process is still extensively exercised using distinct tools such as tuning forks, gongs, and singing bowls to synchronize the physical, psychological, and spiritual essence of our body, and mitigate various ailments.

Hawaii Healing Soundschool

Herein, the Hawaii Healing Sound School and Medicine Resonance have come with their tuning forks for sound healing applications, consisting of a set of 8 Quartz Crystal Tuning forks and strikers in a quality padded metal carry case. They also offer free videos created by Jill Mattson for opening up and balance the chakras and enhancing your aura.

How Tuning Forks from Hawaii Healing Sound prove to be an Effective Remedial Process?

Assists in Coordinating the Pranic Force 

The solfeggio tuning forks provide cadenced frequencies using the timeless 6 pitch scale sound, epitomising spiritual acoustics, thereby helping to coordinate the metabolic, nervous, and procreative functionalities of our tangible body. Besides, the periodic resonances from such tuning forks enhance the operational capabilities of the endocrine glands, thereby sustaining a uniform hormonal flow.

Besides, this measured frequency from tuning forks effectively restores the spontaneity of our circadian rhythm, thereby reducing various malaises of body aches and inflammations, along with migraines, stomach issues, various cognitive issues, and post-traumatic stresses. Besides, it also helps to energise the worn-out muscles, and enhance the bone mineral density, and stimulate harmony in the DNA structure. Moreover, the tuning fork’s healing method uses its calibrated vibrations to boost up the SCS or spinal cord stimulation points, therein increasing the generation of red blood cells in our skeleton.

Furthermore, such an acoustic healing process also aids in integrating the functions of both the left and right portions of the brain, resulting to enhance the cognitive abilities of our psyche. The rhythmic sound oscillations also hasten up the procedure of sustaining our appropriate sleeping schedules by improving our biological rhythm. Such physical and psychological disorders can be effectively cured with these tuning forks, but the affected individuals need to undergo the therapeutic process for a minimum of 2 weeks before acquiring any favourable outcomes.

In addition, the calibrated oscillations from tuning forks assist in boosting up the level of morale by restoring the appropriate operations of the brain and portraying the higher cognitive abilities, while negating any inactive energy. Moreover, the measured acoustic vibrations of tuning forks also aid in improving the cognitive functions in toddlers afflicted with speech and communicative ailments like stuttering, responsive language barriers, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Releases and Stimulate the Chakras and Qi Energy

The measured resonances from tuning forks with their distinctive U-shaped protrusions and aluminum or steel helve vibrate in a specific tone when it is banged with the strikers. Herein, this sound healing instrument helps in opening up the blocked chakras effectively and stimulating our life force or Qi energy.

As our body is composed of 70% water, such acoustic vibrations get easily absorbed and channelized throughout the body in a fourfold manner than any other medium. Such cadenced acoustic oscillations produce a symmetrical echo and help to maintain stability in our body, thereby alleviating the stress and anxieties considerably, and reducing ailments like high blood pressure.

Final Verdict

Keeping in mind, these prime mileages offered by the tuning forks for sound healing from Hawaii Healing Sound School, it would be a prudent proposition for the affected individuals to register in such innovative acoustic healing online classes and workshops.