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Tuning Fork is a gentle instrument that helps to heal mental & emotional disorders & mindfully restores internal balance. Practitioners use metal or crystal tuning forks for sound healing frequencies that gently work with our nervous system, tissues & our body’s subtle energies. In short, this is a very soothing and relaxing sound healing therapy […]

Sound healing or music therapy mainly uses different music aspects to enhance our emotional & physical health as well as well-being. According to sound healing practitioner training institutes, sound healing therapy involves listening to music, meditating, playing a musical instrument, singing, etc. Music therapy is an ancient Greek concept that was used for treating mental […]

Acoustic healing therapy is one of the foremost natural methods to maintain the delicate balance in our body and is a well-known treatment process practised for aeons. This age-old process is still extensively exercised using distinct tools such as tuning forks, gongs, and singing bowls to synchronize the physical, psychological, and spiritual essence of our […]

Tuning forks healing therapy is very effective for restoring the inner balance and health. It also has many other benefits to stay happy and peaceful life. Normally, there are two different easy by which you can use tuning forks for sound healing or tuning forks therapy. You need to understand the practice of this healing […]

There are many different things to know about sound healing, and a great sound healing training can give you all knowledge about it offered by a trusted sound healing institute like Hawaii Healing Sound School. Given that everything has a vibration that conducts frequency of different types, including ourselves. It makes sense that sound frequencies […]

It goes without saying that tuning forks healing frequencies are deeply effective form of treatment itself, tuning forks healing can also be a powerful support that helps you to integrate other healing therapies, like physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic as well as psychotherapy, etc. But the ability of sound healing to interact with the more subtle […]

The acoustic healing techniques have been cultivated for generations as a customary process to cure the body, mind, and spirit for countless individuals. Distinct instruments such as tuning forks, gongs, and singing bowls, amongst others, are proven to be the optimal methods to mitigate both physical and psychological problems like controlling cholesterol and blood pressure. […]