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About the Hawaii Healing Sound School

Hawaii Healing Sound School





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JAN 22, Tuning w Soraya and Joan

Hawaii Healing Sound School is an active community of sound healers on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. There has been a history of sound healing circles on Oahu for years for special celebrations like solstice, full moon gatherings, music jams or land blessings. We began to gather regularly when we were inspired by requests to support the health and healing of our community members who were undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatments. Deep research into immune support through sound healing including dissonance and shamanic rhythms.

We began to train together to upgrade our skills, and heighten our ability to be of community service in January 2014. Our teachers and facilitators have trained all over the world and brought together many instruments, skills and protocals of healing with sound and vibration and frequency in a community setting.

Hawaii Healing Sound School offers monthly classes,  weekend workshops, immersion retreats and full and new moon sacred sound circles covering all aspects of vibrational frequency sound healing. Each month we gather together to learn and practice and experience a different facet of sound healing.

These classes are taught by the Oahu healing community or renowned specialist sound healers are invited to teach. Classes often incorporate 2 rounds of practice sessions in the form of an active/passive  healing circle open to all those who wish to give and receive the powerful healing sound vibrations. Meditation, journaling, vision board, chanting and yoga and qi kung have been incorporated in some circles.

What is Sound Healing? Unlike music, which may focus on melody, harmony, rhythm or spoken word, the focus of sound healing includes vibrations, frequencies, energy healing, rhythm, vocals, sacred chants and often simple instruments specifically used on and off the body to release tension, dis-ease and reset the individual’s optimal immune capacity, relax muscle, fascia and skeletal tension, and balance the nervous system. People express remarkable dramatic shifts of consciousness, pain relief, improved mood and overall energy in just a short session. Each session is unique.

In recent years, sound healing has gained global recognition through scientific research and many studies in brain wave entrainment, benefits of neurological shifting the autonamic nervous system and relaxation.


In 2016 Hawaii Healing Sound School  recorded the Medicine Resonance CD PROJECT:  with the guidance of Audio Engineer Daniel Gilad spent 3 months recording and 2 years producing a Sound Healing CD, a pure portable dose of Music Medicine. .A deep healing journey with 6 tracks available  via high fidelity audio CD ! You may download from Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, itunes, youtube or order a copy with the printed booklet here:


Here is a brief outline of our Hawaii Healing Sound School monthly curriculum:


  • Feb: Kahea: Deep Listening to the Call for Oahu Sound Healing Community –  gathering the ohana.
  • Mar: Setting healing intentions, boundaries, sound healing theory, entrainment:  Evno, Cynthia Chu, Soraya, Katie
  • Apr: Rattles, Shamanic journeying: Wayne Bow, Alex
  • May: Tuning Forks & Nada Yoga: Keema Cooper, Soraya, Katie
  • June: Voice & Healing Humming: Sangeet Gellhorn
  • July: Gemstone Crystal Bowls: Crystal Lober, Rama
  • Aug: Healing mantras and chants: LeighAnn Philips, Evno Omni
  • Sept: Symphonic Gongs: Soraya Faris, Barbara Cole, Kevin Kraft
  • Oct: Sounds of Nature: Dodi Rose
  • Nov: Sacred sounds of Egypt, Peru and Cosmic Alignments: Dan Furst
  • Dec: Jingle bell Joy and Chime-In:  The Wisdom in the Room ( teaching emerging from the field)


JAN 22, Katie Fisher at Reception Table

  • Jan: Hawaiian chants: E’ale Britos, Malea Helela
  • Feb: Sacred Voice: Adria Estribou
  • Mar: Didjeridoos: Joel (Jo-El) and Cheshire Miller
  • Apr: Community singing: Laurence Cole, Lehua Simon
  • May: Quantum Healing: Dr. Gene Ang
  • June: Raga & Indian Flute: Naike Swain, Eric
  • Jul: Take Tina: Bob Samiljan & Elissa Van Poznak
  • November: Big Island Sound Healing Retreat at Kalani Eco-Resort with Soraya Faris and Katie Fisher



  • Jan: Sound School: Recording Sessions with Daniel Gilead
  • Feb: Sound School: Recording Sessions with Daniel Gilead
  • Mar: Sound School: Recording Sessions with Daniel Gilead
  • Apr: Community Gong Bath
  • May:  Crystal Bowls + Yin Yoga
  • Jun: Tuning Fork: Marma Points for Martial Arts 3 Day Workshops in Reno Nevada
  • Jul – Dec : CD Pre-release fund drive/
  • Audio Sessions mastering with Daniel Gilad


Monthly full and new moon sound healing gatherings on Oahu

Yoga Nidra classes with Crystal Bowls and gongs

Du ut Des Healing Arts Festival crystal bowls and golden frequency healing with special guest Dr. Nemoto, Bavaria Germany, sponosored by Crystal Tones, San Esprit and Annette Mueller. Performance and trainings by Katherine Fisher and Petra Schuller.

Majoracca, Spain Healing with Crystal Bowls with Katie Fisher and Robin Johnson sponsored by Great Mystery Tours.

Trainings for yoga teachers on incorporating sound healing with gongs, crystal bowls and chanting into yoga class curriculums on Oahu, Hawaii.

Mantra training with Anandra George on Kauai, and Oahu

Joyful Voice and Connecting Breath workshops with Rea Fox


Community Sound Healing weekends and retreats and intensives for health professionals including

  •  CD Press – initial shipments
  • Nov: Hoku Award deadline
  • Dec: Solstice Celebration


Tuning Fork Training with Joseph Schmidlin, Dr. of Osteopath on Kauai, Oahu

Medical Training: Tuning Forks for Cranial-Sacral Massage with Katie Fisher L.Ac and Joseph Schmidlin.

Guest presentations galactic sound healing and meditation in Dubai with Sandy Van Waaden, Katie Fisher and Joesph Schmidlin

Tuning Fork Trainings for health and massage professionals offered in Sedona, Prescott, Pheonix, (Arizona) Bay Area and S. California, Honolulu and Kauai.

Mudras, Tuning forks, galactic chimes, gongs in Rishikesh, India Sound Healing Stage at International Yoga Festival with Sanji Hall, Katie Fisher and many others.

Hawaiian Chanting

Sound Healing Retreats in Sri Lanka, Hawaii,

media: Podcasts, interviews, radio talk shows, featured artists at Acutonics

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