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5 Tips for a powerful Sound Bath

Sound baths are trending and are popping up all over the place as people are beginning to utilize the healing power of sound to bring peace and tranquility to our busy minds. Relax the body into natural healing states and also foster inspired states of consciousness through the beauty of the celestial tones of crystal bowls and other salving instruments and sacred song.

I often encourage people that having a crystal bowl, even just one, is an excellent wellness tool to have on hand in one’s home. Not only is it a great support for meditation but the pure tones of the crystal bowls also have a cleansing effect on the energy of a home. I liken it to a sonic smudging.

Here’s my 5 tips to creating a beautiful soundbath experience at home.

1. Begin with a sonic smudging of the home space

Higher tones are said to be the most excellent at clearing negative energy from a space, but any crystal bowl will do. Move around the home with the bowl in hand, singing it with the mallet or hitting it percussively.

2. Get Comfortable 

Put on your favorite comfy or ceremonial garb. Natural Fibers, no tight waistlines, Make sure your hair and face and hands are washed. Imagine the center of your space, and place yourself in the middle with a meditation cushion or rug to sit upon. Sage the area or envision golden light surround yourself with your crystal bowl or sound healing instrument. Lighting a candle is a traditional way to evoke spiritual energy.

3. Set an Intention to Connect with your Bowls 

Place your hands on the bowl or each of the instruments and greet and connect to them with your energy, infusing them with an intention you wish for them to transmit, such as peace, hope or love. Quartz crystal is a natural amplifier of consciousness and hold the frequency of our intention. Crystals are also very much alive energetically so treat them with loving respect and gratitude as you intimately connect to them with touch. If you are working with bowls, you may wish to place a small paper with a mantra or prayer or powerword of affirmation in the bowl.

4. Maintain Concentration + Deep Breaths 

Maintaining concentration on the intention you wish to emit through the crystal bowl, allow your breath to deepen into the belly. Be relaxed and allow the sounds to take you to a centering place of deep internal harmony.

5. Singing & Vocal Toning

Singing or vocal toning with the bowls is a most beautiful and empowering activity. Even just one bowl supplies a wonderful drone sound that can offer a nurturing support for the singing voice. Simply vocal toning of vowel sounds such as OOO, AAHH, or UUU foster wholeness in our being. Allow your voice to tone along with the bowl for 5 minutes or more, continuing to invoke your intention, now with the added transmission of your singing voice. If you are musically inclined, eventually allow yourself to be carried even into spontaneous song if the inspiration arises. This can be a deep and wonderful experience of free creative expression that will leave one feeling even more vitalized and wonderful.

When you are finished, bring the hands together in a prayer gesture before the heart to unite the masculine and feminine energies in your being. This furthers our sense of wholeness. Feel gratitude for the crystal bowl, for your own efforts and what supports your life.

Another added element could be singing the bowl, to send long distance healing energy to a loved one or someone in need. Simply repeat the steps but this time have the intention of connecting to that individual and sending them sound healing vibrations. You can even sing a prayer to them.

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